Election 2019 Update

Sunday 26th May 10pm 10th Count for Kilkenny City Quota 1199 Martin Brett FG 813 Andrea Cleere LAB 582 John Coonan FF 1129 David Fitzgerald FG 1151 (Elected) Joe Malone FF 1271 (Elected) Andrew McGuinness FF 1860 (Elected) Eugene McGuinness IND 1095 Malcolm Noonan GP 1485 (Elected) Sean Tyrell SF…

Clair Whitty Joins Mick Cummins On Afternoon Outlook 23rd April 2019

Clair Whitty of the Natural Health Store Kilkenny Clair Whitty of the Natural Health Store in Market Cross Shopping Centre Joins Mick Cummins On Tuesdays Afternoon Outlook to talk about High Cholesterol and how to combat it with natural Supplements and Diet changes Listen Back https://soundcloud.com/user-76154967/clair-whitty-joins-mick-cummins-on-afternoon-outlook-23rd-april-2019
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