Our Team

Tom Phelan
My name is Tom Phelan and I have been involved In local radio,on and off,since 1979.It is a medium I find I am comfortable and relaxed in.I enjoy communicating with >>>>Read More
Maurice O’Connor
Maurice O’Connor is a Dub who moved to Kilkenny with his wife and three children in 2005.  In November 2012, he took voluntary severance from a senior management role in >>>>Read More
Tom Dowling
I’ve been working in various radio stations for some 40 years now and  many of the programmes i have put together featured  a wide range of topics, such as news >>>>Read More
Ann Marie Hogan
Its hard to credit that it began in 1970, at Loreto Private School (long since defunct ) when Mother Demarillac told me “ Ask your Mother to telephone me, we >>>>Read More
Fr. Willie Purcell
Fr. Willie Purcell is the parish priest of Clara Kilkenny; he also works as the national vocations coordinator and immigrant field officer for the Irish Conference of Catholic Bishops.  Fr. >>>>Read More
Ray Nolan
I present the Country and Irish Show on Sunday nights here on Community Radio Kilkenny City. I started my broadcasting career way back in the days of KCR in Ballycallan >>>>Read More
Nickey Brennan
Nickey Brennan has been involved with Community Radio Kilkenny City (CRKC) since 2009 as a member of the Kilkenny Community Communications Co-operative Society Board (until September 2017) and as a >>>>Read More
Heidi Good
Born and bred in Kilkenny, I have spent a number of years living in other parts of our beautiful country. I completed my theology degree in Belfast and worked with >>>>Read More
It was always Rhythm and Roots with KAYB, with such a passion for music its no surprise to learn that i started on this fantastic journey in 1982 as a >>>>Read More
Ben Lanigan
Hi my name is Ben Lanigan, or commonly known as “ benny boo boo the third” On the hit programme that is simple craic. Through simple craic I’ve learnt how >>>>Read More
John Cleary
From Kilkenny city originally, I spent the bulk of my childhood and adolescence living in Africa, first in Kenya and then in Zimbabwe for 10 years. I returned to Ireland >>>>Read More
Ann Nolan
My name is Ann Nolan and I am a volunteer here in Community Radio Kilkenny City and how I got involved, I was sitting in a friend’s car one day >>>>Read More
Mike O’Brien
Radio Eireann and the BBC Light Programme were the only stations until Radio Luxemburg came along with a totally different style of radio. Pop music came along and then Radio >>>>Read More
Frank Tynan
I have always had a great interest and passion for Radio in particular Local Radio, and can fondly remember the early days of Local Radio in Kilkenny. In fact one >>>>Read More
Tommy Dowd
Tommy Dowd  joined Community Radio Kilkenny City in 2011, when he saw an advertisement in the local paper about Community Radio Kilkenny City looking for presenters.  Tommy started on Music >>>>Read More
Francis Nesbitt
A computer scientist & web developer by training, Francis is a smallholder, gardener, cook, brewer and beekeeper by passion. In early 2000, he swapped the big city and a career >>>>Read More