Shane O’Keeffe

Did you ever know that guy at every party that just takes over the music and plays what he wants? I’m that guy…..Thats why im on the radio! Finding  golden era oldies like Kajagoogoo or some new lovely tunes others haven’t heard of yet, is a vigorous passion of mine. Wherever you are I want you bopping your head along!.

I love making people laugh, so I jump at every opportunity I can, weather its doing this show, or performing stand up, or just making a video for my Facebook page “ Simple Craic” . Everything is done  with an audience in mind, and in my mind I need to make you smile.

Joined by Sir Bugsy Malone, Benny Boo Boo the Third and the amazingly talented members of our community tune in every Friday Night for some Simple Craic with some Simple Lads.