Sam Walsh

I’m Sam Walsh and I present Artscope at 5pm on Saturdays with Craig O’Shea and Jessica Hanly.

I’m a huge fan of music and film. I like all sorts of music especially rock and blues music. My favourite musicians are Eric Clapton and Paul McCartney. I like all sorts of films and absolutely love the Star Wars films.

I also love sport especially football (or soccer as many people in the community call it) and I am a huge fan of Manchester City. I also like rugby and follow all the provinces and the Irish national team, I also enjoy Hurling and Gaelic Football, don’t let my Dublin accent fool you I am very much a fan of the Kilkenny Hurling Team.

I absolutely love my work at Community Radio Kilkenny City. I hope to deliver quality radio to the community, and worldwide. I love talking to all the great artists we have for Artscope and I hope that the show encourages other people who are thinking to take up an artistic project.