Heidi Good

Born and bred in Kilkenny, I have spent a number of years living in other parts of our beautiful country. I completed my theology degree in Belfast and worked with the Methodist church in Cork for a year. Later on, I went to Dublin for two years to complete a Masters in Leadership & Pastoral Care at DCU. I am now settled back in Kilkenny to live and work.

Work takes me to the High Street every morning where I am part of a family-run department store. I thoroughly enjoy my job and so much of that is down to the great team I work with.

Off duty, I love getting time to take on some DIY projects with pallets and scraps of wood. What I lack in skill I make up for in enthusiasm! Rainy days, I enjoy tackling a cryptic crossword or watching something on Netflix. Of course, our dog Buddy, needs much attention everyday between belly rubs, walks, treats and then more belly rubs!

Weekends are about family. Either catching up with my own lot or travelling down to Co. Limerick to catch up with my partner’s family.

As it is for all of us, life is hectic and that is why finding moments to root myself in God are important. I find that space in the company and fellowship of St. John’s Church of Ireland. That is also why I so enjoy being a part of Spirit Alive here at CRKC. The preparation helps me take time out to reflect on God and His goodness and I hope that it helps listeners to do likewise.