Ben Lanigan

Hi my name is Ben Lanigan, or commonly known as “ benny boo boo the third” On the hit programme that is simple craic. Through simple craic I’ve learnt how to be my true self which is the good humoured(slightly crazy) person that I am today, If I was to sum myself up in one word I’d say optimistic,

I do my best to jump at all opportunities expanding my skills while making people laugh. I always do my best to make people laugh whether it’s through making a fool of my self for people’s enjoyment or cheering someone up who might feel a bit down.

I chose to become a radio presenter to boost my confidence and to become a more sociable person while serving the great people of Kilkenny through radio. I’ve made many friends through simple craic, gained opportunities I wouldn’t elsewhere.

Each show is a great learning experience and each guest a new friend and an eye opener to new opportunities