Ann Nolan

My name is Ann Nolan and I am a volunteer here in Community Radio Kilkenny City and how I got involved, I was sitting in a friend’s car one day and we happened to be listening to Community Radio and he said I should enquire about it because I have a great love of dance music

I approached the station and asked about getting involved and was introduced to Pat Tracey who told me how I could get involved. I came in to The Community In Actions programme with Martha Bolger who showed me how the studio worked and how the programmes were made and that was it, I was hooked or as they say, I had the radio bug!

That was at the end of the 2015 licence so I only was involved for 8 weeks but then in 2016 Declan Gibbons rang me to say that the station was back on I and asked if I would like to come in and help out at reception which I jumped at the chance and I am still here and I love every second of it, loved it so much that 1 day helping out when to 3 and I think the station has helped me more than I have helped them because I have learned so much from Declan and all the other presenters and staff. My role is getting in the guests for the shows and introducing the guests to the presenters of the shows as they arrive.

My aim is to have my own show because of my love of dance and EDM music and going to festivals and concerts and I am a huge fan of French DJ David Guetta so I feel I would have a good knowledge and understanding of this type of music and I think I would be able to bring this music to a younger audience and I hope this will happen sometime in the near future