Ann Marie Hogan


Its hard to credit that it began in 1970, at Loreto Private School (long since defunct )

when Mother Demarillac told me “ Ask your Mother to telephone me, we have RTE Radio

coming here next week, ask can you go on the programme.

Her confidence in picking me for “ Children Talking” that day, whet my appetite for Broadcasting….

I spent most of my Teenage years tuned into Radio Luxembourg, and BBC Radio 1..

Tony Prince, Ed Stewart and innovative Irish Broadcasters like Vincent Hanly (in his pre MTV days)

and Ronan Collins were my early influences.. But the biggest influence on my love of Music was my

late Mother Pauline, a Piano Teacher.. Our house was always full of music, endless tracks of Gordon

Lightfoot or Joni Mitchell, etc., blaring out in our Sitting Room, Mammy playing Chopin on Piano, I loved it all.

Fast forward to 1989 and the start of Legalised Radio in Kilkenny. After K.C.R. Radio, the Brainchild

of Micael Minogue & others, it took a while, but they launched me, and doing that first programme,

nervous or not, I was hooked. I subsequently did The Sunday Breakfast Show for many years in

between reading news, answering phones & making Ads. This time on CRKC its wonderful to be broadcasting to Kikenny.

In my programme, Afternoon Outlook, from 2 to 4pm on a Monday, I will be looking at all aspects

of Life in our City with strong emphasis on Local Heroes, current Community issues, and a bit of

Cookery Advice, with input from the odd Celebrity Chef, who knows, its Kilkenny, your Community

Radio, and anyone with a penchant for Musical memories or with a Family Recipe to share, Id like

to hear from you..Go n’eiri an bothar linn, Le Cunamh De……